Jean Jullien’s Miniature Paintings Take over the Arsham/Fieg Gallery

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“The show is called GIB because it’s the opposite of BIG.”

By Keith Estiler, Published on HYPEBEAST

Celebrated French artist Jean Jullien is next to host a show at the Arsham/Fieg Gallery inside KITH’s SoHo store in New York City. Entitled “GIB,” the tiny presentation features Jullien’s original works of varying natural landscapes and minimalist subjects. Coinciding with the miniature paintings are 3D characters created by the artist that complement the realistic models of Daniel Arsham and Ronnie Fieg. When placed beside the paintings, these figures “deceive the eye in photos,” said the gallery. “The exhibition looks like a series of large-scale paintings viewed by real and surreal characters.”

In case you were wondering: “The show is called GIB because it’s the opposite of BIG,” the gallery added. Tour the exhibition above and then let us know your thoughts. “GIB” is currently on view until November 18. Elsewhere in art, take a look at Stickmonger’s new exhibition called “Searching for Something That Isn’t There.”

Arsham/Fieg Gallery
337 Lafayette St.
New York, NY 10012

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