This Case Turns an Apple Watch Into an iPod

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Pinging nostalgia with those who recall using the beloved device.

By Jon McVeigh, Sourced from HYPEBEAST

Korean designer Yeonsoo Kang has created a new (nostalgic) case for the Apple Watch. The concept design was created for Caseology and as of now, is a non-functional case for the Apple Watch Series 4. The way the design works, is it allows the watch to drop into the top slot of an iPod-Mini style case, complete with a click wheel design — which again, isn’t functional as of this writing.

While the Pod Case is still only a concept, the fact that it’s credited to Caseology as well as Yeonsoo Kang means that there’s a good chance it will actually be brought to life and released. Speaking to Gizmodo, Kang said that the Pod Case is coming soon.

The first generation iPods were such revolutionary products for music fans back in the day (dating myself?). How many songs did you have on your first iPod?

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